Thoughts are seeds that actualize

It is the law that whatever we think will appear in the world of form. When we project our thoughts through this law, whatever thoughts we have will appear exactly as we have imagined. This is like a projector that has been loaded with a movie film. When the switch is turned on, through this law, the image on the film will appear on the screen exactly as it was produced.

Thoughts are also like seeds. When the seeds are sown in the “world of laws,” laws will cause the seeds to sprout, and according to the laws, the seeds that are sown will be harvested. When you plant chrysanthemum seeds, chrysanthemums will bloom; when you plant thistle, thistle will bloom. Therefore, it is to be expected that when we plant the seed of “illness”in the world of the mind, illness wll appear, and when seeds of “poverty” are planted, poverty will appear. As much as we can, let us all visualize only happiness in our minds.

Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi
From “Truth of Life” magazine, September 1997, “SevenInspirations”, pp 22