The Study of the Right Concepts of Life

God has created us. If you don’t like to use the word God, you can call it “Life.”

The person who doubts God’s power is a fool. The person who doubts the power of man, whom God has created as the lord of creation does not possess the eye to recognize the truth.

Infinity dwells within us. Everyone can become a genius if he digs out this infinity.

Everyone is born with genius within himself, yet not everyone becomes a genius. It seems illogical. Who is responsible for this irrationality? It is because we do not realize the truth. It is because parents do not know the truth. Although they possess a diamond, they think that it is a stone and pay no attention to it.

Have faith in human beings. Believe in the creations of God. Believe in the original person born of God. Here I mean a child.

The genius within a child is like a diamond that has not yet been polished. It is a flawless precious stone. Do not be disappointed if a flash of genius is not yet indicated. Do not look at the appearance and doubt God’s creation. God has created genius and hidden it in each individual in order to avoid the idleness and corruption that can occur in people. God rejoices over our every endeavor and discovery.

This is because each human being is an individual life and must discover and create. The person that despises his child because he has not yet shown a flash of genius, despises Life and God. Do not think of your child as your own child. The infinite capacity of God is within the life of each child. The person that recognizes God’s creation even in a small wild flower that will be thrown into the fire tomorrow is fortunate. Then how can one doubt the genius in the child of a human being that is the lord of creation?

I don’t think Dr. Taniguchi could be any clearer in letting us know hat we, our children, our neighbors, everyone is a genius. Do you feel resistance to that statement? This is the power of attitudes you absorbed long ago from people around you. These are the attitudes that are preventing you from recognizing your own genius.

How do we nurture this attitude of genius in our children, ourselves and those around us? We use the power of the spoken word. This has been shown by experiments in the public schools. Teachers were told that their next class would be made up of exceptional students. Further, they were advised that although the students may seem lazy at first, stick with it, because they have extraordinary potential. The proof occurred when extraordinary results were attained even though the students were actually initially tested as average. The belief and expectation that the result would be extraordinary produced extraordinary results.

Always approach your child with the suggestion, “There is nothing you can’t do!” Even if it is presently beyond his ability, teach him that “he could probably do it gradually.” Children love to ask questions. They are insatiably curious about the world, recognize this as a precious attitude. Therefore, never refuse to answer a question by saying, “You wouldn’t understand it,” this strikes a blow at a child’s self-esteem and impedes his natural curiosity. This curiosity is the tool of genius. Instead, as Dr. Taniguchi teaches:

Tell a child, “You will inevitably understand an adult’s answer!” Even when a child does not understand, offer a gradual progressive suggestion to him saying, ‘You will be able to understand more and more clearly.” Encourage them by saying, “You are sure to become what you wish to be. You can learn anything.” Tell children the stories of great scientists, inventors, heroes and saints of the world in plain words. Children love to listen to the stories of great men. Help children understand that they possess the same potential ability within as the great men and that it will grow infinitely if properly polished. When children begin to understand things, teach them the truth from the beginning. Tell them that they can achieve anything they wish to do, if they believe strongly that they can do it and follow it with action.

Read to them every day. This is a way of expressing your love and caring for a child and it imbues anything you read with the importance of your love. This creates the bond of love and learning. Don’t wait even for your children to be able to speak for they can understand intuitively the lessons of attitude that are after all the most important.

The lesson for all of us is that we contain infinite potential within and we must grow every day to be happy. All things are possible for us, we are exceptional, extraordinary, unique, and we were born in the image of God. We are his children every one.

-by Rev. Bruce Mallery
From “Truth of Life” magazine, October 1995, p. 24-26