The Relationship between True Image And Phenomena

The world created by God through His wisdom and correct thoughts – we call this the True Image world, the Kingdom of God, Heaven, Paradise, or the World of First Creation. This world already exists and is perfect. However, since it is a world created by spirit, it cannot be seen with the physical eyes. The world created over the True Image world by the thought vibrations of man – we call this the world of second creation, the phenomenal world. If the perfect form of the World of First Creation is visualized and projected onto the world of second creation, this superimposed perfect form will appear in the phenomenal world as the True Image. If we were to visualize the imperfect forms of the world of second creation, then we would not be able to see the forms of the True Image world with our physical eyes; only the imperfect forms that we have visualized will appear. Consequently, we would be beset with illnesses and misfortunes.

Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi
From “Truth of Life” magazine, September 1997, “SevenInspirations”, pp 21