Let us visualize only good things

To visualize evil in our mind means that we are projecting onto the world of second creation a movie entitled “Evil” – the world that is seen with our physical eyes. In spite of the fact that the True Image world (God’s World of First Creation) is perfect, many people see misfortunes being manifested. They do not visualize worthy things such as health, abundance, and happiness but imagine only “misfortune” in their minds, thinking: “Will misfortune be coming my way ?” Since they imagine misfortune in their minds, successive misfortunes will occur exactly as visualized.

Unfortunately, through the advancement of mass media, we are constantly bombarded with the power of words that “unpleasant” matters exist. This is like being surrounded by powerful hypnotists. Therefore, we must reject thoughts of misfortune that are suggested from the outside.

Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi
From “Truth of Life” magazine, September 1997, “SevenInspirations”, pp 21