How to become truly healthy

If your body is sick it is because, first your thoughts have not been whole, supportive and joyful for a long time. So, number one, work on the wholeness and wellness of the thoughts in your mind, so that you become full of love and gratitude.

God is love and so are you as a child of God. Therefore, from the bottom of your heart, make peace with everyone, and love every person, all creatures, and all things. Be sure to stay that way. Don’t slip up.

Next, stop thinking your physical body is “you.” Spend time with your inner true self. Soon you will see your body become perfect. This is because realizing the Heaven within yourself will in due time make this inner perfection appear on the body just the way a reflection appears on a mirror. Continually view your inner spirit as “very good” just as God does. Positively shake free from the belief that you are material flesh and believe the truth that your real existence is spiritual. Vividly see the “God” who dwells in you.

A true man is not a mortal man. He is immortal. A true man is a perfect man, an absolutely diseaseless man, a free man. Even all the best possible words of our present languages put together can hardly describe the state of perfection of the Real-man, because human languages can only describe things in the physical world. Can such a man ever exist in this world? In Reality each of you is now this Real-man, magnificent, all-illuminated, exquisite, perfect, enlightened, free, immaculate. You are a superman. Everything you need is given to you right here and now. Real happiness, real health begin at this point. Never permit yourself to judge your world through your five senses. You live in an ideal or spiritual world. When humanity wakes up to this fact, when ALL men know it, we shall see disease disappear “like mist before the rising sun.”

Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi
From “Seicho-No-Ie” magazine – Japan, December 1971, p. 12