What is it?

In his lecture “How We See God’s Perfect World” given at the Hong Kong International Seicho- No-Ie Convention in August of 1995, Rev. Masanobu Taniguchi told us that the Seicho-No-Ie teachings could be roughly summarized in three teachings. These three teachings are:

1) The world created by God is perfect and harmonious, and therefore man is a child of God.

2) Our environment, destiny and our physical body are all a reflection of the mind.

3) All true religions emanate from one universal God.

The Seicho-No-Ie Truth of Life Movement is a nondenominational movement based on the belief that all religions emanate from one universal God. It is dedicated to spreading the truth that every person is a child of God; therefore, in reality every person is divine in nature and the possessor of all of the creative powers of God.

The Founder

The founder, Dr. Taniguchi, was born in 1893, in Kobe, Japan. He majored in English Literature at Waseda University in Tokyo. Because of his inborn love and compassion for mankind, he was deeply concerned over the contradiction in life, and his heart was troubled with the suffering of mankind. With great care and much effort, he studied many of the philosophies and thoughts, both old and new, of the east and west, to find answers to the problems common to all people: “What is man?” or “What is the meaning of life?” In 1930, after extensive study, contemplation and while in deep meditation, the new light – the Truth, was directly revealed to him.

This realization came to him as if it were a commanding voice: “All evil things are nothingness. They could never be the product of Divine Will but of man’ s deluded mind.” Everything that occurs in man’s environment is a reflection of his mind. The same is true with man’s physical body.” “The Phenomena are non-existent. That which is truly real and eternal is only God and His manifestations. Man is truly a child of God. He is already immaculate and redeemed.” “Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion means the perfect negation of flesh. If and only when man crucifies his flesh in this sense, can he acquire eternal life.” He then started marvelous healing power. Many were healed of their disease merely by listening to his lecture or by receiving his visit. He was indeed compelled through Divine revelation to spread this marvelous gospel to humanity.

At that time Dr. Taniguchi held a position as an English translator with a certain business firm. He began to save portions of his income in anticipation of the day when he could begin publishing a non-denominational truth movement magazine. However, soon after he had saved a certain amount of funds, he fell victim to a theft. He searched within himself for the answer to this problem, and heard intuitively a Heavenly Voice saying, “The world is a reflection of the mind. The source of all necessary supply is already within you. Rise now! Begin your mission now!”

Immediately after this inspiration? he published the first issue of his magazine, “Seicho-No-Ie.” Surprisingly enough, this magazine brought another sequence of marvelous healings to the readers. They recovered from various diseases such as cancer and tuberculosis. Their home life became harmonized. Countless blessings were brought about to them.

People began to realize that this spiritual movement was not founded by man but by God in order to save humanity.

This is the origin of the Seicho-No-Ie Truth of Life Movement, and its humanity enlightenment movement developed into a large religious organization.